Scream Queen Sarah Agor

Sarah has garnered an international fan base for her work as a series regular on the hit reality TV show Scream Queens, leading roles and principle work in feature films, festival winning short films, tons of Internet TV series, and for the gamers she’s a new character in Sony PS Twisted Metal. In addition to all of Sarah’s acting pursuits she has written a book, continues to write short films, comedy sketches that are up on line, and is currently working on a TV Pilot.

Producer James Groth


Founders Welcome

After years of talking, it’s time to do. The LA Horror Film Festival is a celebration of independent filmmakers in the horror genre. I fell in love in 1983 with a little film called Dawn of the Dead. I was in 8th grade and over at a buddy’s house with a bunch of friends. My parents had never taken us to the movies, or for that matter owned a VCR until I was in HS. Even then the idea of renting a movie like that was unacceptable. Fortunately for our little group, Jimmy’s dad owned a little store called Mr. Video just outside of Chicago. He had invited myself and the rest of our group over to spend the night and watch movies. I couldn’t even tell you what the second one was. I do remember vividly the helicopter scene. The zombie slowly stand up and rakes his head through the blades of the chopper… so clean you could eat soup out of it. Since that night my love for film has pushed me down a path of love for both film making and the genre. I created the LA Horror Fest to help filmmakers get their product in front of the people who can help them get to the next level, as well as the general public.

We are going to constantly be updating the website. We have a lot of work ahead of us before October. The Event will be at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood the 26th and 27th of October. Plenty of room for vendors,music, and the best Halloween of your life. We will be broadcasting from the festival live to the internet, such things as interviews with the filmmakers, actors, and guests. We will also be showing special screenings of some of the short films that got close to making the cut to the actual festival. Guest appearances of your favorite horror actors will be announced shortly as well. SO sign up for the newsletter and stay tuned.

Thomas E Schroeder
LA Horror Fest