Evidence, 10pm October 26th

Spring, 2010, Los Angeles.  Ryan is a student filmmaker, wanting to do a documentary on his friend, Brett.  The two of them, along with friends, Abi and Ashley, rent an RV for the week to camp in the canyons around LA.
Everything starts out fine, aside from Brett’s constant complaining. But then, things take a strange turn.  While exploring the area on a day-hike, the group sees a mysterious creature in a ravine. Then, strange noises and sounds at night.  They see things they can’t explain. It doesn’t become serious, until the creature attacks the campsite.

The group flees back to the RV, the creature in constant pursuit. Suddenly, when they get there, it stops. Ryan is excited about what he’s caught on tape, but agrees with the group to leave in the morning.

What sounds like a good plan falls through when the group wakes up to find Brett missing. Ryan goes to look for him alone. When he returns to the RV something isn’t right.  He’s scared for the first time. He hands the camera to the girls, telling them to stay put and wait for him to come back with help.

Night falls on the girls in the RV. They haven’t seen signs of anyone or anything in hours. Suddenly, it happens. The creature attacks the RV.  The girls escape and begin an epic run for their lives.

“Evidence” is a high-concept found footage film.  The drama is true to life, and the clues will keep the audience guessing until the final scene and after.