Greystone Park, 8pm October 27th

It’s a dinner table dare on an eerie October night – Do you believe in ghosts? Alex Wraith  had been talking about demonic ‘shadows’ that haunt the souls of the living. Now Alex has piqued Sean Stone’s curiosity, with lore of an abandoned insane asylum called Graystone, which Alex has been exploring. Promising proof of the paranormal, Alex recruits Sean to break into the hospital at night.

Sean brings along a girlfriend, Antonella, who seems equally intrigued by the supernatural. But as the three begin their journey, Alex taunts them with stories of an escaped lunatic named ‘Billy Lasher’ who still roams the empty corridors.

Once inside the asylum, Alex sees something that chills him to the bone. But rather than escaping, they soon find themselves lost inside the labyrinthine buildings. As they journey deeper into this realm of ‘shadows’, they quickly realize that there is a very fine line between madness and the supernatural. And though Graystone let them in, will it let them out?

What follows is a haunting tale of the paranormal, made all the more startling because it is real.