Short Films Block 1 Starts at 11:30 am Saturday

The following six films will be screened in the 1st block of the day starting at 11:30am.  Reserve your seats in the theater, as these will go quickly.  You will need to get your General Admission Tickets, which can be purchased below.  Even though the short film blocks are free, there is limited seating.  Make sure to add the seats you would like to your order.


Some of Angela

SOME OF ANGELA is a short horror film. It’s a tale of lust and revenge.

John (WADE DIENERT) is a philandering rake who hopes to make Angela (JENNIFER PRETTYMAN) his next conquest. Sadly, John doesn’t remember how far back his relationship with Angela really goes. But Angela can’t forget the first time they met. And John is due for a painful reminder.



The House –

When the line between reality and dream blurs, sometimes it is better to walk away. After all, the proverbial cat would have been just fine except for its penchant for curiosity. Happening past a house she’s seen in her dreams for months, Cynthia isn’t sure why she feels so compelled to find out what it means. But as she enters the doorway, she has no choice but to search further. Will she finally find peace or a more menacing truth that casts aside the light to reveal only a more forbidding darkness?



The Moment –

Daniel and Annabelle have second thoughts about being part of a religious cult and within an ordinary instant everything changes.





Amused –

After a routine morning filled with errands, Martha returns to her quiet and tranquil country home only to find horror feasting upon her daughter’s scalp. A terrifying chase ensues through the frozen countryside. Alone and desperate, Martha’s left to face the vast isolation as terror lurks and awaits for its chance to pounce.


T is for Teddy –

When Teddy goes to his ex-girlfriend’s house to get his last box of belongings, something is eerie, and off kilter. Will his violent attitude get the better of them?




Homecoming Night –

Tommy is going to ask Alice to Homecoming when they are met by an unexpected visitor.