Short Films Block 2 Starts at 12:30pm on Saturday

The following five films will be screened in the 2nd block of the day starting at 12:30pm.  Reserve your seats in the theater, as these will go quickly.  You will need to get your General Admission Tickets, which can be purchased below.  Even though the short film blocks are free, there is limited seating.  Make sure to add the seats you would like to your order.


Tuning in Tuning Out –

Tom scoffs at his cousin’s level of intrigue at a disturbing and surreal online video.  He seems to be alone in a world wherein everywhere he looks, advertising, mindless entertainment, and politics dominate the media. Then his world changes.



Foreseen –

A writer with precognitive ability sees his own death on the road trip for a quick cash making.




The Heartless –

A lone man wanders through a zombie infested land, fighting to stay alive and saving who he can.




Infinity –

Elizabeth enjoys the perfect life.  But bad things happen to good people as this perfect life unravels from the unthinkable to the unimaginable.



Glitter –

A story about a vampire convinced the only way to find a girlfriend is to go out during the day.