Short Films Block 3 Starts at 1:30pm

The following four films will be screened in the 1st block of the day starting at 1:30PM.  Reserve your seats in the theater, as these will go quickly.  You will need to get your General Admission Tickets. Which you can purchase below.  Even though the short film blocks are free, there is limited seating.  Make sure to add the seats you would like to your order.

Universal Dead –

Five years after the zombie apocalypse, an erratic scientist at an isolated outpost believes he’sdiscovered the cause of the disaster.  But his demonstration goes very wrong.



Loving Observation –

A private eye, suffering from schizophrenia, follows a man and his mistress, videotaping them . He sees the man begin to beat the girl.




Stay at Home Dad –

An out-of-work father undergoes an experimental treatment…with strange results.




The Arm Job –

An oversexed party girl, Faira, wakes to a regretable morning, that quickly goes from bad to worse.