Block 4 for Saturday the 27th. short films

The following three films will be screened in the 4th block of the day starting at 2:30PM.  Reserve your seats in the theater, as these will go quickly.  You will need to get your General Admission Tickets. Which you can purchase below.  Even though the short film blocks are free, there is limited seating.  Make sure to add the seats you would like to your order.


The Tell Tale Heart –

This is a retelling of Poe’s most famous short story. A nurse tells her tale to an inmate about how she murdered her patient, and aged silent film actress.




Psychosis –

Jacob Whitmore is a brilliant neurobiology student struggling to scrape by with a graveyard shift job. The stress of living in his car is begining to catch up; Jake’s suffering hallucinations that grow more violent every day.




Hells Belles –

On their way to a local bar, best friends and inexperienced occult specialists Adria Blackmoor and Helena Garcia are called by the local sheriff to help save a young girl from a sadistic demon from hell.  Utilizing their limited knowledge of demonology, they must find a way to stop him and make it to the bar before last call!