The Potential Venue!!!

I have been considering several venues lately for the festival, but I think I have finally come to a decision.  As time gets a little closer we will lock it in but there is a theater, known as the Million Dollar Theater at 307 S. Broadway in downtown Los Angeles which is one of the first movie palaces built in the United States. It opened in February 1918. It is the northernmost of the collection of historical movie palaces in the Broadway Theater District and stands directly across from the landmark Bradbury Building.

What a more fitting place for a horror film festival… if the walls on this building could talk the things it would say.  The Million Dollar was the first movie house built by entrepreneur Sid Grauman. Grauman was later responsible for Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre and Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, both on Hollywood Boulevard, and was partly responsible for the entertainment district shifting from downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood in the mid-1920s. Sculptor Joseph Mora did the elaborate and surprising exterior Spanish Colonial Revival ornament, including bursts of lavish Churrigueresque decoration, multiple statues, longhorn skulls and other odd features. The auditorium architect was William L. Woollett, and the designer of the twelve-story tower was Los Angeles architect Albert C. Martin, Sr.. For you sci-fi fans, the front of the theater was a staple in the movie “Blade Runner”

Let’s get a little closer to the date, and make sure I can lock this location in…. but this works for me. What do you guys think?

-Thomas E Schroeder



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