Tim Sullivan Writer/Director/Producer Appearing at LA Horror Fest (Friday Only)

Writer/Director/Producer known for a wide variety of modern horror films, most significantly cult favorite 2001 Maniacs (2005) and its popular follow-up, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams (2010). Beginning his career as a New Jersey teenager pumping fake blood for 80’s splatter classic The Deadly Spawn (1983), Sullivan moved to Los Angeles where he worked in development at New Line Cinema, co-producing Detroit Rock City (1999).

With a directing style ranging from the ‘splatstick’ nature of the Maniacs franchise to the serious bent of teen thriller Driftwood (2006), Sullivan gained additional notoriety as celebrity director of Vh1’s hit series “Scream Queens” (2008), as well as creator and host of “Shock N Roll”, his weekly talk and video blog on leading web network Fearnet.

Recently re-joining forces with Detroit Rock City (1999) director Adam Rifkin for the comedy/horror anthology Chillerama (2011), Sullivan contributed the musical segment I Was a Teenage Werebear (2011), embracing his passion for camp and rock and roll.

Set to follow Chillerama (2011), a variety of projects produced through Sullivan’s production entity, New Rebellion Entertainment; teen comedy “Battle of the Bands”, anthology “Triptych”, and The Poet in Exile (2013), a stirring drama based on The Doors co-founder Ray Manzarek’s



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